Upper East Side IT Desserts on Instagram

There are not only street snaps and back stage photos can lead the fashion trends on Instagram, but also tons of IT dessert turning on both celebrities and every ordinary one. This time we are going to bring you a brunch of food porn desserts which gain popularity so quickly that you should never missing.

Cupcake ATM

A cupcake is as chic as a clutch as walking on an upper east street, especially when you can buy one from such a pink ATM. This is amazing and convenient! Don’t you wanna try it @cupcaketeam ?

Black Coconut Ash

It is this black ashy ice cream drives all New York socialites crazy. Although it looks kind of different from typical desserts, while the magic is, showing black tongues seems can attract more followers.

Ice Stream Ramen

This dreamy dessert is a kakigori in fact. With special jelly ramen made in a traditional Japanese way, it absolutely contains more texture feeling and flavors than general kakigori. @dessertkitchensyd.

Flower Jelly

La Floraison Cafe is a dessert store from Australia. Flower jelly is a dessert owns really delicate appearance which you can’t wait to take a photo to share. It resembles the Mizu Shingen Mochi which is also a kind of crystal dessert with sakura in. But the Flower Jelly is a bit different, every flower is elaborately hand made by the dessert craftsman. It average takes 9 minutes to finish one flower. Flipped? @lafloraisonau

Gemstone toast

Food Stylist Adeline Waugh @vibrantandpure crusted toast with gemstones, which gives common toast magic. All these toasts you see are of great sense of galaxy and fantasy. But she just made those turquoise, agate geode and white marble with the most household  natural ingredients, like AM cream cheese, blue majik, spirulina, chlorophyll, activated charcoal, edible gold leaf, pink Himalayan sea salt and raw turmeric.

Where To Buy Glow Recipe From ‘Shark Tank’ & Bring The Best Korean Skincare Products Stateside

Co-founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang just over a year ago, the latest entrepreneurial effort to hit Shark Tank, Glow Recipe, is an e-commerce destination focusing on the ever-more popular South Korean skincare and beauty. They sell everything from rubber masks (more on those in a minute) to essences and ampoules that may as well be magic potions. Suffice it to say, it’s a cool site for many reasons, but there’s one thing in particular that sets it apart: Glow Recipe places a focus on natural ingredients, as the founders explained to Teen Vogue.

 Korean skincare and makeup are all about enhancing natural beauty rather than covering imperfections. Koreans love using natural ingredients and are constantly looking for skincare formulations with natural ingredients, that are highly concentrated, as they prefer a gentle, yet effective result, rather than a dramatic transformation.

Lee and Chang make quite the team — as per their website, they’ve clocked in almost 20 collective years in the beauty industry. In fact, according to Fashionista.com, they met at L’Oreal, where “they worked for over nine years in marketing and product development” while covering “both the U.S. and Korean markets,” so who better to bring natural Korean cosmetics stateside?

Their site already has quite the following, and they’ve been featured in just about every major publication from Vogue to Allure, but we’ll have to wait and see if Shark Tank’s notoriously choosy Sharks take the bait. Until then, let’s take a look at some of their must-have products, all which are available for purchase on the official website, along with the rest of their beauty offerings.

Best Shark Tank Wrinkle Cream Product

Sarah Lee and Christine Chang of Glow Recipe curate skin care products based on holistic trends in Korea. They’ve tested tens of thousands of products and brought the very best together on their website. They ‘re skin care fanatics who only endorse all-natural, gentle, and safe products. Glow Recipe stays on top of all the latest innovations, research, and beauty tips so you don’t have to. Click here to read their story on shark tank

When choosing which skin care products to get behind, Glow Recipe carefully considers the product manufacturing, like whether or not the company uses sustainable practices and has independent R&D. They examine the ingredients and the formula, and do their own testing using a panel of experts with different skin types and ethnicities. Each product they provide to customers goes through a 3 month probationary period when customer feedback is considered. Glow Recipes shares their findings with the manufacturers so they can make improvements if needed. You can buy this best shark tank anti wrinkle cream here

2017 Best Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Actually Afford

“You don’t have to get me anything.” or “Oh honey don’t buy me anything” is all too familiar. Be careful it’s tricky here. It means that they would definitely like to see a gift, but the subtext is that it will be very difficult to be a satisfactory one. Especially true for moms. That’s why we are here with a selection of mother’s day gift ideas to help you beat the odds and find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

‘Eau Rose’ Hand Cream DIPTYQUE

Free shipping

Featuring fresh-cut fragrances of organic rose from farm in South Australia, this tube has a soft, supple, and non-greasy finish that replenishes moisture loss—often caused by weather, washing your hands, and household chores, and helps heal even the most hard-working hands. Warmhearted as a mother’s day present.

Nude Lipstick MAC


Free shipping

This creamy lip color moisturizes and smooths lips with full coverage and sheer, translucent two finishes. A very versatile color and a gorgeous red, it lasts well and is flexible for various complexions.

Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Candle

Free shipping


Made from high-grade wax, this subtly scented candle transforms the atmosphere of any room with luxury and opulence. Jo Malone’s classic English Pear & Freesia Captures the essence of autumn with the sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears, all wrapped in their signature gift box and ribbon.

Slip Sleep Mask

Free shipping

Upgrade her sleep mask with one that’s 100% pure silk made (to minimize friction on the delicate skin of the eye and lashes), and certified non-toxic dyes for her to rest easier, of course.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

Free shipping


Infused with real rose petals, this toner smells like a real punch of roses are presented. What’s better and more ritual than flowers for mom? As an OK! Magazine 2017 Spring Beauty Award winner, which contains pore-refining rose fruit extract, soothing rosewater, and nourishing rose flower oil, it is a heavenly experience for mom’s skin and senses.

Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil

Free shipping


We buy this argan oil-infused product for its head-to-toe nourishment. Moreover, it is worth gifting because it has sunshine like color and silk finish that remind us of the warm and exotic Morocco. Extremely rich in tocopherols (vitamin E) and essential fatty acids, it helps improve skin texture and tone ’til the last drop.